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Mouth and Foot Painting Artists website

An e-commercce, CMS-driven, website with revenues in the region of £1M

Each Christmas and spring, MFPA post 100,000s of packs with cards and calendars in. They then hope that recipients will post them a cheque or go online to pay for the pack. Hopefully they will also buy more. The generates seriously highly volumes of traffic for a relatively short period of time. The website needs to be rock-solid because any downtime could be very expensive.

The website is built in Umbraco CMS with an e-commerce plugin called Vendr. I needed to use almost every feature available to us in Vendr in order to meet requirements such as:

  • discount codes
  • dynamic products (design a card)
  • contributions
  • customer & internal emails

The website also has a large amount of imagery and news on it.

A number of powerful load balanced servers would be ideal for this website, except that the traffic is so seasonal. To keep costs down the hosting is pretty modest, which meant that I needed to make the website extremely performant. I also added Cloudflare to help with caching.


Hi, I’m David.
Nice to meet you!

I’ve been a professional web developer for 22 years, and I'm passionate about great design, great code, and modern techniques

I firmly believe in finding simpliest tool for the job, and not over complicating. My primary skill sets are solution design, and ASP.NET and JavaScript development, but I've got a truck load of experience in other technologies such as CMS, e-commerce, cloud hosting (AWS & Azure), SQL and No-SQL databases, and of course much more.

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