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I've tried to break down what I do in to a number of services. The truth is that your project might not fit entirely within one service. Ideally we should have a chat about your project and if I can help.


I build ASP.NET and JavaScript data driven applications, for whatever purpose you need them. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a start-up looking for a proof of concept, or an established business with an existing application than you need to maintain and develop. If I’ve got the appropraite technical skills then you’ll be in safe hands (and if I don’t then I’ll tell you).

  • JavaScript applications
  • Software-as-a-service and multi-tenant solutions
  • Cloud platforms including; AWS and Azure
  • Rock-solid and extensible

Bespoke Server-side APIs

Frontend development is incredibly powerful but sometimes there is no getting around that you need a server-side API for persistence, security, heavy computation or to utilise a feature not available in JavaScript. We can work together so that you get your ideal API without dealing with the complexity of learning another framework or hiring a new employee. You get complete flexibility and none of the headache.

“We’ve worked with David for a number of years and he has shown himself to be a fundamental piece of our digital strategy.”

Mark Welfare, Head of Digital @ Bestinvest


I specialise in a CMS called Umbraco, in fact I have another website dedicate to it. I do work with other CMSs but having in Umbraco for over 12 years I’ve become rather good at in (in fact I’m officially an Master). It’s great when people choose Umbraco because they know that it can be built to be super user friendly, but also sometime people just need an open-source .NET CMS. Either way you’ll end up with an intuitive an powerful system.

Headless CMS

Increasingly often people are seeing the benefits of a Headless CMS. I’ve built Umbraco (and other CMSs) as a Headless service, so that they can supply content to whatever different systems need them.

“…The end result was stunning and it was obvious that David took great pride in his work.”

Liam Kurzeja, Head of Marketing @ RSPCA Assured

R&D and start-ups

There is tax relief for research and development, but the small print makes it easier to outsource the work to a small company like mine. By working with me you’ll get a great product for less money.

  • Minimum Viable Products/ Proof of concepts
  • Solution design/ architecture
  • Bolt together existing services to launch your product sooner and cheaper

Further information

“David worked closely with me throughout the process, thinking of and implementing procedures and enhancements that I had not even dreamt about.”

John Durrant, Founder @ Doctor Photo

Support and maintenance

I help a number of clients with the on-going nature of their application or website. This is usually done with an SLA and retainer. Services include:

  • Upgrading and patching
  • Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Hotfixes and out of warrant bug fixes
  • Small development tasks
  • A sympathetic voice at the end of the phone

“We were extremely pleased with the quality of the final product, which was completed to an exceptionally high standard, to time and within budget.”

Ian Brunton-Smith, Professor @ Surrey University


If you have staff who need a little more information about anything ASP.NET or general web development then I am happy to provide it. This can also involve on the job training, building a product with you in-house IT team.

“I have no hesitation in recommending David. He has a great combination of technical and project management skills…, and perhaps most importantly he’s a great communicator.”

Martin Finn, EVP, Global Operations @ EVERFI UK