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A recruitment advert generator

A .NET Core application allows customers to generate recruitment adverts.

The application is multi-tenant and uses the Entity Framework. The frontend is Vue.js. It was 3 months hard work, but I created a minimum viable product for a start-up that fulfilled all of it’s objectives.

Unfortunately an NDA prevents me from describing more details.
It's frustrating but I stick to my word.

Hi, I’m David.
Nice to meet you!

I’ve been a professional web developer for 22 years, and I'm passionate about great design, great code, and modern techniques

I firmly believe in finding simpliest tool for the job, and not over complicating. My primary skill sets are solution design, and ASP.NET and JavaScript development, but I've got a truck load of experience in other technologies such as CMS, e-commerce, cloud hosting (AWS & Azure), SQL and No-SQL databases, and of course much more.

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